Computer Experts Explain How to Watch Porn Online

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It happens that you want to show something to some friend on your computer and it is slower than usual. It sticks. Then they look at you with an inquisitive face and they say: “a lot of porn” and you there, in the dock of the accused embarrassed and confused.

Could it be that watching free porn videos in a crazy and thoughtless way affects your computer just as your body can get sick if you have sex in the same way? The answer is obviously yes. And just as you can protect yourself and your partner from infections and / or diseases, you can also protect your computer.

Here are the recommendations on the subject so you can fry your brain and distort forever your idea of ​​sexuality but safely.

Is there any advice to see porn safely?

Preferring sites that make streaming of HTML make downloading videos. If you download video, avoid compression formats or execution: .rar .exe .zip .7z .bzip2 etc. In these files that run on your computer, there could be malware from a Trojan horse to an ILOVEOYOU worm, a virus capable of crashing your PC, and self-reproducing across the internet.

Is it dangerous to watch pornography on the Internet?

In general, sites of dubious nature, such as porn, torrents, warez in general, tend to be promiscuous and infectious. So, if you are a regular in piracy in general, beware. Of the type of virus, SPYWWARE is the most common and many times more difficult to detect because it is little apparent in its operation.

Can porn destroy your computer?

By itself and exclusively, you do not see how porn can destroy anything, however, being related to low-bast publishers, they can resort to unethical methods to deliver their products. This includes the infection of your computer to always redirect you to your sites and open those pages again and again.

How do you see the future of porn on computers?

When you upload a photo to Facebook, it has happened that you ask: Do you want to tag this person and usually do not make a mistake?” That means that Facebook associated enough times to the person with the image and is now able to do it with a very low margin of error. With the advent of artificial intelligence and especially machine learning (learning by example) it is possible that the future of porn is rather related to the final decline of the human being, when everyone has their fembots / dildoboys and do not return to go out on the street Never.